Polish Power Plants Association was tormed in the year 1990 as an association acting in area ot electrical energy generation.

At present Association incorporates:

  • 131 persons as ordinary members, with great managing or professional experience.
  • 13 system power plants as supporting members, with total installed capacity exceeding 71% of National Electrical Power System.

Main objectives of Association are:

  • assurance of rational utilization of existing generating potential of power plants,
  • cooperation with power industry to initiate technical progress in electrical power sector,
  • implementation of modern principles of economical and technical analyses into economic policy. Initiation of master studies,
  • preparation of analyses of organizational changes and development of national electrical power sector with particular consideration of electrical power generation sector,
  • participation in formulation of legaJregulations concerning electrical power sector,
  • presentation of system power plan ts position towards central authorities of the country,
  • power plant technical and economical personnel training and promotion,
  • cooperation with power plants, economic organizations and central offices in field of environmental protection.

Polish Power Plants Association realizes its objectives utilizing many forms of activity including:

  • organization of councils, conferences and symposiums allowing to exchange views between managerial and scientific circles involved in electrical energy generation and handling preparation, using own means, of directional analyses, programs or legaJregulations concerning electrical power sector and particularly power plan ts,
  • cooperation with economic organizations from open market countries and with companies manufacturing modern equipment to get acquainted with their experience, economical and technical results. Organization of technical trips and foreign trainings for power plant specialists,
  • preparation of economical, legaJand technical topics by groups of power plant specialists and assurance of participation of those groups in work of organs established by central offices or economic organizations,
  • delegation of Society representatives to boards of directors, ministries permanent consultative bodies,association organizations, which activity is connected with electrical energy generation problems.
  • cooperation in introducing European Union directives.

Polish Power Plants Association pursuing full realization of its statutory tasks is open for new proposais and initiatives.

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